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Small Group 

A fun and intense 50-60 min workout session with up to 5 members. Consists of strength training, high- intensity interval training and functional fitness. Option is a best for individuals who want to be a part of a dynamic community! This service is a part of our monthly services.

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It's more than just steps. It's a community of walkers and runners that help you keep moving. Our 21-Day Step Challenges awards prizes for consistency and the person with the most steps.


A private one-hour session with workouts tailored specifically for your fitness goals. Each session will be guided to ensure proper form and maximum output. These workouts will consist of a combination of weightlifting, cardio, and HIIT and functional fitness exercises.


Get your weekend started with a fun, highly energetic and intense workout! Our bootcamp is designed for all levels of fitness. Our atmosphere is set up to motivate, excite and encourage each member!

Ready to Lose Weight?

Get the Steppin' Fitness is ready to work with you on your fitness goals. Don't wait. 

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What are people saying about GTS Fitness

"What I love most about Rob's training program is it allows you grow and get stronger over time. The intensity level is just enough where I've seen an incredible transformation in a short period of time! But this isn't a get fit quick program, it's a lifetime journey! I'm stronger mentally and physically than I've ever been"


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